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For nearly 50 years I have been teaching people how to make money promoting other peoples products. For 20 of those years, I’ve focused on the Internet and affiliate marketing. It’s not complicated, hard or just for super sized salespeople. It just isn’t.

So I put together this course, or if you prefer – guide – to show you how to become an affiliate marketer bringing in cash every month. No fluff, just instructions. In two or three days you can be an affiliate marketer and in a couple of weeks earning money as an affiliate marketer, and I’ve cut out the tech learning curve!

Sure there’s lots more to it than I explain in the first few lessons, but you don’t need it at the beginning. You’ll learn 98% of that over time no matter how you start, or where you learn. So why spend time in a virtual classroom, earning nothing when you can be earning while learning.

It’s like on the job training. When you go to work for someone, doing a job you’ve never done before, they teach you while you’re on the job. Same thing here.

But here’s what is exciting about this guide. This is all straight forward and easy to follow. In fact, it’s like a cheat-sheet, not a boring book. And, I’ve got videos showing you what to do, and I’m right here and available anytime (well I do have to sleep) to help and mentor you. To show you, and to give you materials you may not have at hand.

Hello, my name is Chuck Camroux and I’ve been in the marketing business since 1957. That’s right, since well before most of you were born. But none of that really matters. All I’m here for now is to show you, quickly, how to become an affiliate marketer in your spare time, or even full time.

No 12 month courses. No sleepless nights learning, no cramming before you go to your day job. Just a simple plan to get you up and running in 2 or 3 days, and then while you’re learning, you are starting to earn. Sure, you won’t know everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, nobody does, but you won’t be held up by theory either.

It’s really simple. Once you join my group of Fast and Furious Learners, you’ll receive the Mastering Affiliate Marketing Guidbook. The rest depends on you, but if you really want, you can have your affiliate website up and running within a few hours. While you’re waiting for the site to be ‘live’, you’ll be locking down your niche using one (or even both) of the largest online stores in the world, Amazon and Clickbank.

Then you’ll be adding your promotion copy and video to your site, making sure your keywords are prominent and your affiliate links all work. Done, phase one.

While your site works for you, we’ll go to work on your social media promotion. That takes a little longer, say two or three more days. But when complete, you’ll have promotion going strong on at least 4 social media sites, YouTube and your website.

You’ll be an affiliate marketer. Earning and learning.

Here’s what you receive, in the Fast & Furious Affiliate Marketing Course.

1. The Guidebook
2. The Course, delivered by email daily
3. Your affiliate marketing site setup and hosted. No hassles with hosting, monthly fees or learning to setup a website/blog
4. Complete detailed instructions to get you started. a) getting your domain (about $12 for a year minimum), b) becoming an affiliate of Amazon, and c) becoming an affiliate of Clickbank. Over time you’ll become an affiliate of other programs, but you want to get going right away.

What does all this activity cost. $19.95 a month for this special coaching, including your site setup and hosting, plus the training videos, mentoring, personal assistance and more. You will need (mandatory) a mailing list and autoresponder, and that is free too – MailChimp is free until you get a huge list.

This is fast tracking. The whole issue of setting up your website is done. Which affiliate programs you join isn’t a long tortuous decision process. You start right at the first product or service you want to promote. You start earning while learning!

Then, on an ongoing basis, you’ll receive an email every day. Not long, but meaty and showing you how to become even better at affiliate marketing so you can earn more. Each will have an idea, a place to go with your affiliate marketing that will bring you to new income heights, and things to promote.

Affiliate Marketing is simple, what is hard is staying at it. Staying focused. Learning to write better copy. Being creative. Not saying I’ll skip doing anything to my site today. Achieving anything positive is hard. But if you want it bad enough, you can have it no matter your age or your perceived capability.

Think of this course as a cheat sheet. All the info you need to pass the exam and make money.

Sign up here, and here’s something unusual too. Below is a contact form. If you have any questions about the Fast and Furious, just ask.


Q: Is this just an ebook?
A: No, it is an ongoing guide on what to do, but your purchase includes access to the complete how-to video library and ongoing free help through email. The course lasts 13 weeks (three months). After that you can continue with me for hosting at $9 a month, or you can change to another hosting service.

Q: Is the hosting using cPanel?
Y: Yes, and includes an email account, WordPress setup for you, plugins installed, security installed and backup installed and provided.

Q: Can I use a different hosting service?
A: Not for the initial training period of 13 week. The idea here is that there is no need to build the car before you learn to drive it. It’s built and maintained for you, you just drive fast and furious to the affiliate income jackpot.

Q: I don’t know anything about domain names. I have to get one, how?
A: We give you detailed instructions when you signup to the Fast & Furious. It’s one of the easy things to do, but you will need a crdit card and about $12 to cover the cost of the domain.

Q: The Amazon Associates program isn’t available in my State?
A: No problem, you’re also on Clickbank and quickly we’ll help you with another big affiliate program.

Q: Is there a refund policy.
A: Sure. If in the first 7-days, you decide this isn’t for you. Just send me an email requesting a refund. I’ll get it to you quickly, and everything will be turned off, like your website, access to the videos and everything else associated with Mastering Affiliate Marketing Fast & Furious.

Q: What happens after a few months, and things are going along fine, but I decide that I would like to move to another hosting service and run everything myself.
A: No problem, as long as you are up-to-date with our hosting, we will clone your site, zip it up and give it to you. You can unzip it and install the clone on your site. Instructions included.

Have more questions, just use the form below.

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